1234 Diet Drops Review

Over the past few months, I noticed that I was gaining weight fast. I tried going for walks, exercise and cutting down on my favorite foods to lose weight but there was no positive result. I am a 32-year old woman with no serious health concerns. But the weight gain was making me feel tired, lethargic and stressed throughout the day. I tried many over the counter pills and powders for losing weight but none helped.

Desperate, I started searching online and came across 1234 Diet Drops supplement. I liked the fact that it was loaded with natural ingredients and nutrients and besides they have given specific diet formats to follow for weight reduction. This appealed to me and, I ordered it immediately.

I started using 1234 Diet Drops, 10 drops thrice a day as recommended and followed their diet regimen with some exercise. In about 3 weeks, I started feeling a little lighter and more active. The exhaustion was fading and I was more cheerful and less stressed throughout the day. Now 2 month later, I have not only lost 10 pounds, I have also become more focused and energetic. 1234 Diet Drops have, without a doubt, helped me to slim down and be my active self again.

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About 1234 Diet Drops

1234 Diet Drops

1234 Diet Drops is a unique supplement that is formulated with natural ingredients to promote weight loss, increase metabolism and provide good nutrients to aid in achieving a slimmer, fitter body. The supplement is to be combined with strict adherence to a well established, special diet designed to provide the right kind of weight loss.

1234 Diet Drops contains a 3070 mcg proprietary formula of potent extracts of well-researched natural ingredients like astragalus root, maca root, and rhodiola rosea roots with added essential and non-essential amino acids to burn stubborn fat reserves, strengthen and retain more muscle through more protein creation. It also contains niacin of .475 mg for added support.

Research and studies indicate that the roots of maca, rhodiola rosea, and astragalus have effectively been used in traditional medicines. Maca and rhodiola rosea works to metabolize fat, control blood sugar levels, regulate hormones and increase energy. Astragalus has been known to reduce stress, regulate sleep patterns, boost immunity and prevent fatigue by accelerating energy levels during workouts to result in sustainable weight loss. The amino acids provide proteins for stronger muscles, regulates essential hormones by increasing neurotransmitters to reduce cravings, longer feelings of fullness, and use up fat reserves as energy.

1234 Diet Drops by Creative Bioscience enables steady weight loss with an intake of and avoiding certain types of food. Among the myriad weight loss supplements online, it ranks as the best selling diet brand. It is made in the USA, in an FDA registered GMP certified facility with powerful natural ingredients free from GMO and gluten. It is third-party tested for purity and quality. 1234 Diet Drops is covered by a 24/7 live support for customer issues and a 90-day 100% money-back guarantee providing added value for money.

Why Use 1234 Diet Drops

Right nutrition plays a vital role in determining a person’s health and overall well-being. Diet supplements are used to provide additional amounts of nutrition that we may fail to get from either insufficient intake of food or due to non-consumption of certain types of food. Certain health conditions can also necessitate the use of additional supplements to help cope or recover.

Diet supplements help bridge the imbalance of nutrients in the body to help us obtain and retain an active healthy life. Lack of a specific nutrient can have adverse implications if left unattended. It is important to see what diet supplements contain and how they benefit our health.

Diet supplements with natural ingredients and added nutrients are likely to be more safe and efficient as weight loss involves changes and our body needs to adjust accordingly. Supporting weight loss with a good diet, exercise and nutritional dietary supplement become vital to ensure compensation of loss of nutrients and get a fatigue-free, energetic body and mind.

How Do 1234 Diet Drops Work

1234 Diet Drops works in 4 phases to induce weight loss followed with a strict diet regimen. It works by instructing the body to burn fat as fuel for usable energy. By burning fat reserves, consuming low-calorie food diet and preventing fat accumulation, it promotes desired weight loss through sustainable energy to battle fatigue. The diet is advocated for a maximum of 6 weeks, with 3 meals a day with more protein, vegetables and less of fruits, starchy foods accompanied by a good quantity of water for hydration. The four phases used by 1234 Diet Drops are Load, Lose, Stabilize and Maintain.

The first phase – ‘Load’ is all about consuming foods high in fat to be used up for energy along with the drops and get the body to gear up for a low-calorie diet in the following phase. The second phase – ‘Lose’ is continuing the drops,  avoiding fats and consuming more calories from proteins. This phase starts burning up the loaded fats as fuel for energy. During the third phase – ‘Stabilize’, no drops are used for 3 weeks and food items are slowly introduced every day to get the body accustomed to weight loss. The fourth phase – Maintain is all about retaining the lost weight and keep it from coming back through awareness of what foods to consume or avoid.

Side Effects

1234 Diet Drops is a well-known weight loss supplement with potent natural herbs and added nutrients to help reach an ideal weight. It has no known side effects reported. But sometimes few ingredients may not be suitable for all people.

It is always advisable for people prone to allergic reactions, with health conditions or under prescribed medication, to check with a physician before using any supplement.

The Final Note

1234 Diet Drops is formulated with potent, natural. time-tested ingredients that provide a viable weight loss solution. But it is the mental awareness of what a person consumes when using this supplement and ensuring good hydration with an active lifestyle which goes a long way in deciding the amount of weight loss.

1234 Diet Drops proved to be of immense value to me to help get back to my better, active self. If you too want to lose weight effectively with an active combination of diet, exercise and a natural weight loss aid, order 1234 Diet Drops without hesitation today!


  • Natural, research-backed ingredients to boost weight loss
  • Powerful herbs content help regulate hormones, sugar levels and reduce stress
  • Essential and non-essential amino acids and niacin for enhanced support
  • Promotes fat burning and good energy with well-formulated diet regimen


  • Strict adherence to the phases for long durations specified may be difficult for all
  • Diet options especially listed protein sources may not suit vegetarians